A serious accident in Missouri can lead to an array of inconvenient circumstances that most likely will lead to a challenging Missouri personal injury process. You should know that this process is not easy, especially when you take it on yourself. That's why it's best to hire a Missouri personal injury attorney who is familiar with the process and can help protect your legal rights.

3 Specifics of the Missouri Personal Injury Process

The process of filing a Missouri personal injury claim can be more stressful and frustrating than you think, but by understanding 3 main parts of the process, it may eliminate some of your worries and concerns. 

  • Worth of your claim: When you bring your case to your Missouri personal injury attorney, he or she will ask you to explain the details of your accident and the injuries and other damages you've endured for which you may be compensated.  
  • Your attorney then will be capable of evaluating your case to see if you have a claim worth pursuing. If you do have a legitimate claim, your attorney will investigate further and then be able to give you an estimate on the amount of damages you may be able to receive. 
  • Demand letter: When you move forward in filing a Missouri personal injury claim, you will correspond with the party or parties that you feel are responsible for your injuries and damages.  
  • Your attorney will send what is called a demand letter and provide reasons why you are filing a claim against them, what injuries and other damages you've sustained from the accident due to their negligence, and the amount of compensation you are pursuing. If the negligent party agrees with the demand letter, your case may end with you receiving the compensation you demanded. 
  • Negotiating a settlement or going to trial: The defendant in your case may offer a lower settlement in hopes of compromise. Considering negotiation can go back and forth for months; you and your attorney should speak periodically about the progress of your claim. If the party or parties you are filing a claim against don't agree to your settlement offer, then your case may go to trial in which evidence must prove the defendant's negligence that caused your injuries and other damages. 
  • Under some circumstances your case may be presented to a judge and a jury. Sometimes, your case will be directed to what is known as mediation in which a "middle man" will try to help both parties come to an agreement. 

Contact a Missouri Personal Injury Attorney

When an injury has a profound impact on your life, you may choose to seek compensation through the Missouri personal injury process. With a Missouri personal injury attorney on your side, you can feel confident knowing your case is in good hands, while you focus on your recovery and getting your life back on track. To get started with your Missouri personal injury process, contact the Missouri personal injury team at Bollwerk & Associates, LLC - 1-314-315-8111.

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