Truck crash

Our St. Louis Truck Accident Lawyers Can Help You Recover Compensation

Truck crashes can result in devastating injuries and significant property damage due to the sheer size and weight of commercial trucks. Understanding what to do after a truck accident can be overwhelming, especially when dealing with complex regulations and multiple parties involved. Our experienced truck accident lawyers at Bollwerk & Associates can help you understand your rights, handle intricate legal procedures, and ensure you receive the compensation you deserve to rebuild your life.

How Truck Accident Claims Differ from Car Crash Claims

Truck accidents in Missouri and Illinois vastly differ from car accidents in several crucial ways. Understanding these differences can help you know what to expect when you file your claim and why it could take longer to settle your case. Here are the key differences our truck accident attorneys see in representing our clients in truck vs. car collision cases.

More Serious Injuries

Truck accidents often result in more life-altering injuries because of the massive size and weight of semi-trucks compared to other motor vehicles. You are much more likely to suffer catastrophic injuries that take you longer to recover from—if you do not become permanently disabled. Common injuries you could suffer include the following:

  • Traumatic brain injuries
  • Spinal injuries 
  • Paralysis
  • Back and neck injuries
  • Fractured or crushed bones
  • Burns
  • Amputations
  • Internal organ damage

Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA) Violations

Trucking companies and drivers have to follow strict Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA) regulations that are designed to protect individuals like you who must share the road with commercial trucks. Violations of these FMCSA rules could have been the cause of your truck crash. 

Unfortunately, the trucking company will have the evidence you need to prove this and wouldn't give you this information voluntarily. However, our truck accident lawyers can send them a spoliation letter telling them not to destroy or alter the evidence you need and would obtain it from them.

More Liable Parties

Unlike auto accidents, multiple parties are often responsible for causing a truck collision. Potentially liable parties that could have caused yours include the trucker, trucking company, shipper, truck maintenance facility, and truck and parts manufacturer. This can make negotiating your settlement much more challenging. 

Complicated Investigations

Truck accident investigations are more complex than those involving cars. Our St. Louis lawyers understand that a thorough investigation into the cause of your collision is crucial for building a strong case. We may need to conduct a detailed examination of the trucker's personnel file, logbook, black box data, dashcam footage, maintenance records, and more to determine why your truck crash happened and who caused it. 

Larger Settlements

Given the severity of injuries caused in a truck accident, these settlements are often significantly larger than car collision settlements. While it is good news that you may receive more money in your settlement, you also need to understand that settling your case could take much longer. 

The insurance company will most likely raise more arguments about why they can deny your claim or shouldn't have to pay you all the compensation you're asking for. They may do everything they can to drag on negotiations to save the company money. 

Our truck accident lawyers at Bollwerk & Associates aren't afraid to fight with the big insurance companies. We understand insurance companies' delay tactics and have strategies to fight back. If it is in your best interests, we will file a lawsuit for you and try your case at a jury trial.

Leading Causes of St. Louis Truck Accidents

Truckers, trucking companies, and other liable parties cause semi-truck collisions for various reasons. Understanding these causes is essential because you must prove how their negligence caused your crash to be entitled to compensation for your injuries. Here are the top ways your truck accident may have been caused: 

  • Speeding. When truck drivers exceed speed limits, they require longer distances to stop, increasing the risk of accidents. Unfortunately, your injuries could be more severe even if the trucker only drove a few miles over the posted speed limit.
  • Distracted driving. Distractions, such as using a cellphone unless it is hands-free, eating or drinking, or engaging in-cab distractions, take a truck driver's eyes and mind off the road and can lead to a catastrophic accident. Our attorneys can examine cellphone records, dashcam footage, emails, and other evidence that could prove the trucker's distracted driving caused your wreck.
  • Intoxication. A trucker's reaction time, vision, and judgment are severely impaired if they are driving under the influence of alcohol or drugs. Although it is extremely dangerous to drink and drive, we find that this continues to be a major cause of truck accidents.
  • Drowsy driving. Truckers who drive when they are too tired to do so safely are as dangerous as drunk drivers. If the truck driver who caused your wreck was fatigued, they may have also violated FMCSA hours of service regulations, which limit the hours they can drive without taking a rest break.
  • Lack of maintenance. Trucking companies must maintain their trucks and frequently contract with a truck maintenance facility to inspect and repair their commercial fleet. If the truck is not properly maintained, the brakes may not work, a tire could blow out, or another maintenance issue could be the cause of a tragic truck accident,
  • Improper loading. Incorrectly loaded cargo can shift during transit or fall off the truck. This can make the truck unstable and increase the risk of a crash.

Compensation You Can Recover After a Missouri or Illinois Truck Accident

If you were injured in a truck accident and can prove it was caused by the truck driver's and other parties' negligence, you can seek compensation for your medical bills, wage losses, property damages, and pain and suffering. At Bollwerk & Associates, our goal is to ensure that you receive a fair settlement that covers all your losses so that you recover from your injuries and you and your family can move on in your lives.