Law firms now are becoming increasingly more open to the public in terms of marketing and exposure. Many use media to attract new "customers".  A firm that highly advertises with billboards and TV ads has been at odds recently with the Bar Association for limits placed on the use of advertising.  It raises an important distinction between whether law is a profession or business.  Although law firms must meet certain financial requirements on the business end, the practice of providing quality legal advice for those in need should be the ultimate priority.  Those who are in need of legal assistance should not be viewed as "customers", but rather as clients.  The law is a profession, and helping is the goal.  REMEMBER, THE CHOICE OF A LAWYER IS AN IMPORTANT DECISION AND SHOULD NOT BE BASED SOLELY ON ADVERTISEMENTS.

Jill S. Bollwerk
Helping St. Louis area residents with personal injury, workers' compensation & insurance appeals/disputes.
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