When a car accident in Missouri causes severe burn injuries, victims have a long road of healing ahead of them. Burn survivors will not only need advanced medical care, but for Missouri residents, a St. Louis personal injury attorney can also assist in the aftermath of the accident by pursing a claim and advocating for patient rights.

Burn Injury Complications

Burn injuries can be quite devastating because not only are they extremely painful, but they require extensive long-term treatments and can cause permanent disfigurement.

Many burn patients suffer from complications such as: 

  • infection;
  • dehydration;
  • scarring;
  • shock;
  • organ dysfunction;
  • respiratory distress; and
  • inflammation. 

All of these physical complications say nothing of the psychological and emotional distress that the injuries can create. When the injuries are severe, especially when there is damage to the facial area and hands, it can shake a person's entire foundation and sense of well-being.

Burn Treatment Advancements

After doctors stabilize a burn patient after the car accident, they'll begin laying out a treatment plan that might include skin grafting.

Because of huge advances in medical research and treatment techniques, survival rates have dramatically increased and survivors have experienced improved health, functioning, and quality of life.

Some of the medical advancements that may help burn patients include: 

  • inflammation system control practices;
  • new skin replacement bioengineering methods; and
  • advanced approaches to fluid resuscitation and wound cleaning. 

When you've suffered an injury that affects your entire life, such as a severe burn, your focus will be on getting the treatments you need and on putting your life back together.

When someone else contributed to your car accident, in Missouri, you have a legal right to pursue a claim for restitution. It's a good idea to take your case to a lawyer, such as a St. Louis personal injury attorney, to go over your case and learn about your legal options.

Contact a St. Louis Personal Injury Attorney

When an injury has a profound impact on your life, you may choose to seek compensation through a Missouri personal injury claim. With a St. Louis personal injury attorney on your side, you can feel confident knowing your case is in good hands, while you focus on your recovery and getting your life back on track. To get started with determining whether you have a viable case, contact the Missouri personal injury team at Bollwerk & Associates, LLC - 314-315-8111.

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