When you have collected benefits after a work injury in St. Louis, you may wonder if you will need help from a Missouri Workers' Compensation attorney. While some cases may go smoothly and you won't run into any problems, there are circumstances that can arise when the help of an attorney may be to your benefit.

Overview of a Conference

Not all workers fully understand the benefits they are entitled to when they have been injured at work. Injured workers are entitled to benefits that cover the medical care received for a work-related injury. But you might be entitled to additional benefits as well.

For instance, temporary total disability (TTD) benefits are available if you undergo medical treatment that requires time off from work. If you have back surgery, for example, you could be out of work for a few weeks. During this time you may be entitled to receive two-thirds of your average weekly wage.

You may also be entitled to a lump sum payment that compensates you for an ongoing disability. When your work injury in St. Louis results in you being unable to ever return to work, lifetime benefits could be available.

However, negotiating this amount can be a challenge, so you may decide to request that a conference be held. This is your chance to resolve your case for good. But doing this without contacting a Missouri Workers' Compensation attorney may not be a good idea. 

At a conference you will learn what your disability rating is, which is the percentage of disability you are assigned by a physician. This will determine the amount of money you will be eligible to receive. 

The amount not only will depend on the percentage of disability, but also the affected body part. Some parts of the body are worth more when it comes to disability. For instance, a shoulder may not have as much worth as a leg.

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