Having a parent seriously injured, disabled, or killed because of a work-related accident or condition in Missouri is truly tragic. Not only do children suffer because of the loss of their parent or the loss of their parent’s health, they often also suffer from dire financial consequences when their family loses a breadwinner. While workers’ compensation can help a family keep their heads above water after the injury or loss of a mother or father, it is often still difficult for the children to afford college, vocational school, or other educational programs after they graduate from high school.

However, there is hope for Missouri children struggling to get an education after high school. In Missouri, a non-profit organization called Kids’ Chance provides the children of parents who have been injured or killed at work with scholarships to post-secondary schools. All children whose family receives workers’ compensation for an injury or death may apply for a scholarship, and children who receive yearlong or semester-long scholarships are free to apply for funding for their next year of school as long as they keep their grades up. Scholarship money is available for school tuition, books, meals, housing, school supplies, and other educational needs.

Application awards are based on the financial need of the student as well as the available funds at the organization.

While our workers’ compensation attorneys can help you secure the work injury benefits and survivor benefits that you and your family deserve, we also want to alert our readers and clients to other opportunities in Missouri for the families of injured or killed workers. If your Missouri workers’ comp claim has been denied or reduced, talk to our lawyers today.
Jill S. Bollwerk
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