Jill Bollwerk recently won a $50,000.00 verdict in Jefferson County for a Missouri driver injured in a motor-vehicle collision.

The client made a left turn onto I-55 from highway 141 in Jefferson County, when the defendant ran a red light at the same intersection. The defendant struck the client’s vehicle, resulting in a herniated disc and sprained wrist for our client. Despite extensive chiropractic and physical therapy treatment, he continues to suffer chronic pain nearly three years later.

Jill Bollwerk filed suit on behalf of the client and, after nearly three years of pre-trial litigation, the matter ultimately went to trial in Jefferson County. State Farm’s final offer prior to the trial was $23,500.00, arguing that the client had not received recent medical treatment and his overall condition had improved. In addition, the defense raised the client’s record of pre-existing back pain as further cause for devaluing the client’s damages.

Jill did not dispute the client’s record of back pain, rather she emphasized the chiropractor’s expert testimony that the client’s herniation could worsen any future discomfort. Due to the daily pain experienced and the potential for aggravating effects as a result of the injury, Jill held firm in her final pre- trial demand of $50,000.00—the amount of the other driver’s insurance coverage.

After a two- day trial in Jefferson County Circuit Court, the jury handed down a plaintiff’s verdict for the client. The jury awarded damages in the amount of $50,000.00, which happened to be the exact policy limits of the defendant’s insurance, and exactly what Jill had demanded prior to trial!

If you are injured in an auto accident, it is important to hire an attorney that understands the law and can fight for your right to compensation. We at Bollwerk & Associates have the knowledge and experience to fight back against the biggest insurers.  We won’t back down!

$50,000.00 Jury Verdict

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