Our society has become a society or "over-sharing."  People feel compelled to tell the world what they ate for breakfast, what they watched on television last night, and how much alcohol they drank over the weekend. 

If you have had an accident and you are in the middle of the claims or litigation process, or if you are involved in a workers' compensation claim, resist the temptation to overshare!!!  Insurance companies and their attorneys are watching your internet postings to see if you talk about the accident or  your injuries, and to see if you posted any photos of yourself doing activities that you claim you cannot do.  For instance, if you hurt yourself in an automobile accident and you claim you can no longer play with your grandchild, the insurance company will be looking to see if you have posted photos of yourself holding that grandbaby.  They use this information to "impeach" you, which basically means they use the information to make you look like a liar to the jury and therefore, to reduce the value of your case. 

And don't think because the insurance company is not your "Facebook friend," then they cannot access your photos and postings.  Facebook has made so many changes to their privacy settings that items you thought were private just might be out there for anyone to see.  The same thing goes for Twitter, MySpace, Instagram, etc.  Make sure that your privacy settings are as private as possible, and resist the temptation to talk about the accident, your injuries, your abilities, etc. 

Jill S. Bollwerk
Helping St. Louis area residents with personal injury, workers' compensation & insurance appeals/disputes.
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